Melusina de Melita

Alchemy Nourishment

The Coction Chronicles

Interweaving natural information systems, epigenetics, nourishment, and Alchemy.

What has been said about my work in Alchemy, food & wine, information & communication technologies, and maritime operations:


You did excellent work and I am proud to acknowledge it.
A well-thought out essay and your application of the principles of the Emerald Tablet was insightful and unique. Thank you for your hard work as one of the modern alchemists!

— Dr. Dennis William Hauck

Dennis W Hauck is a multi-published author including The Emerald Tablet: Alchemy for Personal Transformation, and a recognized leader in the emerging field of consciousness studies. His work focuses on the nature of consciousness and the subtle interactions between mind and matter. His books were featured in USA Today, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, Harper's, and hundreds of other periodicals. He has been interviewed on over 200 TV and radio programs. He is a member for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, the American Mathematical Society, Center for Research in Science, Association for Transpersonal Psychology, International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine.


It was awesome cooking together with her! I've learned a great deal about symbolism of food and plants, and I encouraged her to write a book about it. It is of great importance to share Nature's Light with a wider audience and I'm happy seeing it materialize.

— Daniel Saldivia Cabre, Chef and Restaurateur, Orlando, Florida


Her alchemical knowledge was instrumental in creating our new natural CBD wine
and the wine label design expresses the very essence of this unique wine as a harmonious alchemical marriage of merlot grapes and organic hemp buds.

— a winery producing natural wine in Malta


She contributes to the continuous improvement
through her work in Europe and North America.

— Prof. Dieter Rombach, Founding Director at the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering


Her singular contributions to the industrial Internet of Things and Open Source Software have garnered her high praise from people like me. Her work is frequently cited.

— Grady Booch, Scientist, storyteller, philosopher. Author of popular books on computing science. Chief Scientist for Software Engineering at IBM Research - Embodied Cognition.

Grady Booch coined the term Object-Oriented Design. He co-authored the Unified Modeling Language (UML). He is the author of Computing: The Human Experience, a trans-media project exploring the science of computing, connections among computing, individuals, and society.


I often work closely with Silicon Valley companies. I was immediately impressed with her background. She combines skills essential to success in the deployment of the Internet of Things.

— Dr. Ronald Weissman, Venture Capitalist, Partner at Apax Partners, Chairman of Software Industry Group of Band of Angels, Leavey School of Business, Silicon Valley Executive Center

Rom Weissman is a Lecturer at Stanford University, UC Berkeley and Santa Clara University. He invested in over 60 companies.


Under her leadership a number of innovative software technologies were developed for the maritime industry. Her research contributes directly to safer and more environmentally friendly maritime operations. This was a fundamental component of work undertaken by my government when I served as Prime Minister.

— Former Prime Minister of Malta


About the founder of this website:

Krystyna vel Melusina de Melita is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of information technologies, open source software and process improvement. She is a practicing modern alchemist holding a diploma in Hermetic Sciences and Alchemy, and a Master's Degree in Information Systems Management. For over two decades she has been actively involved in the triple helix innovation ecosystems, assisting organizations on their journey towards digital transformation of their products, services and operations. She is a commercially licensed captain and navigator. She founded several businesses, one of which was a pioneering maritime transportation company located in Silicon Valley, and a not-for-profit research institute for maritime digital technologies in Malta. Her innovative mindset goes beyond the confines of modern technology, as she is actively contributing to the advancement of protoscientific alchemical arcana in contemporary applications. Melusina is a passionate cook employing her alchemical knowledge to her culinary creations. She is currently working on
The Coction Chronicles, a series of publications interweaving natural information systems, epigenetics, nourishment, and alchemy.