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The hidden symbolism of Melusina in the Allegory of the Nobility of the Order of St. John


Francesco Mura (1696-1782) painted The Allegory of the Nobility of the Order of St John in 1747, possibly as a result of an official commission. This remarkable artwork is on display at MUŻA, the National Museum of Art, located in Valletta.

The elegant female allegory adorns herself in opulent and vibrant attire while grasping a spear. Positioned at her feet are a scarlet cushion and a crown. Resting upon a petite table, which is upheld by a mermaid, stands a statue featuring a fully armored Minerva, who proudly brandishes a shield adorned with an eight-pointed cross.

The masterpiece is truly captivating, filled with both beauty and deep symbolism.

Today, we shall embark on a captivating exploration of the enchanting mermaid that gracefully upholds the petite table.

Mermaids are water creatures and thus, naturally, they are associated with the sea. Therefore, it is not surprising to see a mermaid depicted in the allegorical paining of the Order of St. John, symbolizing the Order's formidable naval prowess and dominance over the seas.

Upon careful examination of Mura's stunning artwork, it is impossible not to observe an unusual anomaly in the portrayal of the captivating mermaid. Yet, upon further scrutiny, it becomes apparent that a subtle imperfection lies concealed beneath the robes of the central female figure, who is sitting on …

… hang on… Where is the other leg of the mermaid?!

We observe with great discernment that the cloak of the regal female figure veils one of the mermaid's serpentine legs.


We have just realized that the mermaid possesses a pair of serpentine fish-legs!

The serpent woman figure, looking like a mermaid, sometimes depicted with wings or bathing, became a common theme in visual art as Melusine throughout Europe. However, in alchemical symbology, Melusina possesses two serpentine legs. It is the duality that distinguishes the alchemical Melusina from a mere figure from folklore.

Paracelsus, the Swiss polymath and an alchemist, included double-tailed melusines in his detailed categorization of elemental spirits - water-related beings who sought a soul through marriage with humans.

The twin-tailed siren or mermaid also became a popular alchemical symbol and appeared in various forms of art, paintings, and architectural designs. Numerous noble families, such as the counts of St. Pol, the Dukes of Burgundy, and the Plantagenet kings, embraced Melusine as part of their lineage, following the example set by the lords of Lusignan.

In the original French legend, she is known as "mère Lusine," the foremother of the Lusingan counts. The tale tells us that upon being caught by her husband "wearing" her fish-tail, a "garment" reserved for Saturdays only, her hidden identity was revealed, leading her to retreat back into the depths of the water. She would resurface sporadically, serving as a warning of impending doom.

We need to take a closer look at the characteristics of this amazing creature, especially focusing on the significance she holds in Alchemy and Paracelsus's work.

Paracelsus uses Melusine (or Melusina) not only as a component of his mystical realm but also as a powerful alchemical symbol. His Melusina plays a vital role in the alchemical union, coniunctio, that produced the culmination of all such endeavors, eternal life embodied in the philosopher's stone. His integration of Melusine in this procedure echoes her roots as a transformed being, but also integrates her into a intricate "chemical theology" that transforms her into a distinctly Christian allegory for unity with the divine, while endowing her with an enigmatic charm that would later inspire Romantic poets like Goethe and Keats, and, perhaps, Francesco Mura and his noble patrons.

Melusine is depicted as the feminine manifestation of Mercurius, embodying the aqua permanens or the transmuting essence in the alchemical union, juxtaposed with the masculine aspect of Mercurius. Mercurius holds utmost significance as the primary instrument in the realm of alchemy, serving as the indispensable element in every process of transformation.

With reference to the masculine aspect of Mercurius, the Iliaster represents the fiery, dynamic, and assertive masculine aspect of the prima materia; Paracelsus links it to the entity of Mercurius and the fiery essence of sulfur. On the other hand, the Aquaster embodies the watery, receptive, sexual, and feminine aspect of the prima materia, with Paracelsus associating it with Melusine, who symbolizes a blend of Aphrodite and Venus principles, as well as the dissolvable, and therefore integrable, element of salt. When combined in the prima materia, these principles give rise to the hermaphrodite, a unified male-female entity that Paracelsus describes as a melusinian Ares-Mars. This intricate symbolism is documented in the De longa vita, and a more detailed explanation of the process can be found in Carl Jung’s analysis of “Paracelsus as a Spiritual Phenomenon” in Alchemical Studies.

In alchemical symbolism, Melusine is often depicted as a powerful and mysterious figure representing transformation, duality, and the merging of opposites. She embodies the concept of the feminine divine, symbolizing both the nurturing and destructive aspects of nature. Melusine's serpent tail signifies regeneration and renewal, while her human form represents the union of the earthly and spiritual realms.

Melusine's association with water further emphasizes her connection to the subconscious mind and emotions. As a symbol of alchemical transformation, she inspires seekers to delve into their inner depths, confront their fears, and emerge reborn and enlightened. The legend of Melusine serves as a reminder of the alchemical journey towards self-realization and spiritual evolution, where one must face their shadows and embrace their true nature to achieve wholeness and transcendence.

Paracelsus and his student Dorn both use the character of Melusine to explore the interconnectedness of the physical and spiritual worlds, emphasizing the importance of embracing both aspects of existence for true enlightenment and self-discovery.

Some alchemists say that the Philosopher's Stone is something that is "hiding in plain sight"…

In the upcoming blog post, we will delve into the alchemical symbolism of Minerva. She can be seen standing on the table above Melusina...

Melusina de Melita, the owner of this website and the author of this post, took photographs of both images at MUŻA.

Introduction Session: 12th of December 2023


The next Introductory Group session is scheduled on December 12th, 2023 at 18:30 CET (6:30 PM CET).
Duration: 1 hour.

Zoom links will be sent to the registered participants prior to the online meeting.
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Celestial forecast for Tuesday, December 12, 2023:
New Moon in Sagittarius.
Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn.

This is the last new moon of 2023 so celebrate breaking out of your comfort zone as it is a great time to go on adventures, make discoveries and even take a leap of faith and enroll in some classes!

This celestial climate is supportive of your efforts in reaching out to the stars to acquire new knowledge and will fare well for the outcomes.

It is also a good day to look back to the beginning of 2023 and identify any repeating themes or patterns.
Make sure your communication with the surroundings is clear over the next few weeks as you prepare for the holidays.

Per aspera ad astra!

Use the right tool at the right time

Key 1 The Magician

You will learn how to become the director of the force which can transform your consciousness by gently cultivating your subconscious mind with your pure intention followed by the act of attention.

Remember, you already have what you need… you just need to find the tools and learn how to use them at the right time.

Production of Edible Talismas for Cooks & Chefs


Are you a passionate Cook, Chef or Restaurateur?

So you want to create your next Signature Dish…

Or perhaps you might be looking for unique menu inspirations …

Or maybe you are looking at creating an entirely new and fresh restaurant concept…

How about learning how to produce Edible Talismans?

You will learn how to use Alchemical Operations in your kitchen and food preparations.
You will acquire knowledge about deep symbolism and in-formative functions of each and every ingredient.
Your food creations will bear your own unique Signature as you will learn how to infuse your food preparations with your own unmistakable Essence.

… more to be revealed as you get on with Alchemical Cooking.

While making sure that what you serve to others is of uncompromising quality you will also understand how your Edible Talismans impact your guest's health and overall wellbeing.

We will serve you as a humble guide on your culinary discovery Path. You might well arrive at a completely new destination and begin to understand the Arcana of Deep True Nourishment that you might decide to share with others through Your Work as a cook or a restaurant owner.

Meanwhile, you might read the Food as Information blog post and view the slides in the Gallery to learn a bit more about the concept.

How's you appetite to try something entirely new yet very much Your Own … Your Edible Talisman?

Food as Information


The ancient practice of conscious nutrition and mindful eating will help you transform the way you think about food and set the stage for a lifetime of healthy deep nourishment.
We will help you put this ancient wisdom into daily practice through a non-nonsense individual approach to every individual.

You will learn how to correct the modern-day erroneous theories and practices about food and energy.
You will understand how the foods we choose to eat are changing the expression of our DNA code and use it to shape your body, mind and soul. Learn the Language of Nature and recognize the benefits of the information carried through the biome in living foods such as fresh organic produce, fermented foods or wild honey and mushrooms.

Continuous Improvement for Entrepreneurs


Are you an entrepreneur or hold a managerial position?

We will help you unpack and understand what drives Continuous Process Improvement for your business or organization.
You will learn the energetics and dynamics behind success and failure, and you may discover that it is not what you might think.
We share our knowledge based on the Capability Maturity Model Integration, a continuous improvement model originating from the Carnegie Mellon University SEI, and we amalgamate it with alchemistic perpetual perfecting practices. It is a multi-faceted approach to a holistic organizational improvement with a strong focus on the role of people, processes and tools within an organization.

Some of the topics covered include:

- Navigating through continuous improvement models and best practices
- Staged and continuous representation of process improvement models
- Personal and organizational growth
- Growth vs optimum
- Reaching an optimal point of balance
- Informed decision making techniques
- Startup guidance for company founders and entrepreneurs - raising capital and avoiding burnout
- Use of intuition and rationality for successful personal and organizational development

The result is a deep understanding of business and process optimization for a balanced, organic organizational prosperity.

About Melusina de Melita


All is One!

Melusina de Melita is your guide on your path to self-discovery and self-knowledge. Melusina brings in over twenty years experience in ancient wisdom and international entrepreneurship. She is located on the Mediterranean island of Malta, known as Melita in antiquity.

She is a practicing Alchemist and a licensed esoteric teacher. She holds a Diploma and Certification in Alchemy and Hermetic Sciences, and she is initiated in a number of Hermetic Traditions. She holds certificates in Alchemistic Philosophy, Spiritual Alchemy, Spagyrics: Herbs, Plants and Food, Metals and Alchemy Laboratory work as well as Tarot, and she practices Astrology and Qabalah. Her interest in ancient mysteries started at the age of nine when she first looked into I Ching, the Chinese Book of Changes and she began developing her astrology interest shortly thereafter.

She is qualified to perform psychological and laboratory transformations using the Operations of Alchemy.

Her academic background is in the area of information and communication technology management. She holds a Master's Degree in managing complex software systems with a specialization in Continuous Process Improvement for software systems. Furthermore, she is a commercially licensed mariner holding captain, navigator, ship machinery and radio licenses, and she is a SCUBA diver.

Melusina is a passionate cook. She actively uses her alchemical and Ayurvedic knowledge in her food and drink preparations. She started consciously practicing a healthy lifestyle and began cooking in her early teens. She attributes her life-long interest in active healthy living and nutrition stemming from a medical family. While she practiced gymnastics and poem recitation in her childhood she discovered the need for discipline and a balance between body and mind needed to perform these tasks.

Today, she works with cooks, chefs and restaurateurs on developing new restaurant concepts and assists in developing innovative dishes. She also works at an organic farm and a vineyard where she helped develop a unique CBD wine making technique based on ancient recipes and she created an alchemistic wine label for the product.

She is a serial entrepreneur and innovator who traveled the world. She started her first own company at the age of twenty.

She lived and worked in California for nearly a decade, where she founded and ran one of her companies in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley, California.
Her areas of expertise include marine software engineering, navigation systems, open source software, system architecture, cloud and edge computing as well as an emerging field of fog computing. She worked for Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute and she provides her expertise as an advisor and project reviewer to the European Commission's research and innovation agencies. Today, she is fully dedicated to her work as an Alchemist, writing and teaching about Alchemy.

She has a deep knowledge and understanding of the Personal Transformation Arcana and has helped dozens of people on their Path to individuation and Self-knowledge.

Melusina de Melita will equip you with a useful set of tools to improve your lifestyle through a no-nonsense approach to knowledge sharing on your individual Path to Wellbeing.

Regain Your Balance and Be Well!

Solve et Coagula!

What is Alchemy?


Alchemy is an ancient, time-proven Living Art and Proto-Science. It applies to the three "worlds" of the physical, psychological, and spiritual realm, and is active in all of these worlds simultaneously.

Alchemy is about change and transformation of something or someone from its potential state to its unique realized form, or its Golden state.
It is about finding and connecting with your inner True Self and manifesting your true potential in all the three worlds.