Melusina de Melita

Alchemy Nourishment

Alchemy Nourishment

Melusina de Melita is the mastermind behind The Coction Chronicles. Keep an eye out for upcoming launch events at Domus Hermeticus

An "Alchemical Marriage" of Ancient Wisdom with modern day continuous improvement techniques.

For personal and organizational development

Learn best practices to help you realize your potentiality and capabilities in both your personal and professional life:

Physical - Psychological - Spiritual

Tools - Processes - People

Learn how to apply Alchemical Operations to achieve hightened awareness and organizational maturity.

Alchemist Michael Sendivogius - Transmutation. By Jan Matejko
Alchemist Michael Sendivogius - Transmutation. By Jan Matejko

Aurum Nostrum Non Est Aurum Vulgi.

Our Gold is not common gold.

Find your inner Gold and learn how to use its power in your daily life.

Follow in the footsteps of Alchemy luminaries such as Paracelsus and Michael Sendivogius and discover the Lapis Philosophorum for Your Self.

Alchemists were known as the Philosophers of Nature

In Nature we find a light that illuminates us more than the sun and the moon.

"The moon emits light, yet by this light colours are not discernible; but as soon as the sun rises, all the colours can be distinguished.

Similarly, Nature has a light that shines like the sun; and as the light of the sun exeeds the light of the moon, so the light of Nature far exeeds the power of the eyes.

In its light all things invisible become visible." - Paracelsus (1493-1541).

Paracelsus emphasized the value of observation in combination with received wisdom.

In our work we learn how to recognize Nature's Signatures and Patterns, and apply them in our daily life to achieve the state of equilibrium by means of balancing the Four Elements within.

Nature is the one source of all things: nor is anything in the world outside Nature, or contrary to Nature.

"Nature is not visible, though she acts visibly; she is a volatile spirit who manifests herself in material shapes.

Students of Nature should be such as is Nature herself - true, simple, patient, constant, and so on.

They should always be ready to learn from Nature and to be guided by her methods, ascertaining by visible and sensible examples whether that which they propose to perform is in accordance with her possibilities." - Michael Sendivogius (1566-1636).

Deep True Nourishment

"We distinguished three elements in the process of nutrition: the soul which does the nourishing, the body which receives the nourishment, and the food or nutriment wherewith the nourishing is done." - Edith Stein (1891-1942).